Nancy Meyer The Journey


"Nancy Meyer's new CD The Journey, is something very special. With powerful lyrics and Nancy's beautiful & heartfelt vocals, The Journey expresses the joys and frustrations everyone feels on their own faith and life journey, but most importantly, it inspires you to continue on. This is a stunning debut from a truly talented new artist."
     --Cathleen Cary Program Director WLKX-FM/
       Spirit 95.9 St. Paul/Minneapolis 

"The Journey, marks the compact disc debut of soprano Nancy Meyer, a cantor at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Manhattan. The disc features inspirational pop music. Outstanding among them are the title song, 'The Journey,' 'Guardian Stars,' 'Clouds in the Sky' and 'I'll be Here With You'"
     --Catholic New York 

"Spiritual journeys our often lonely and difficult processes. Not true of the debut CD, The Journey, by talented newcomer Nancy Meyer. Meyer explores the depths of self exploration with a light and lyrical touch. Richly inspirational, poetic and playful, The Journey gives listeners a fresh breath of musical air. There are many emotional levels expressed in her soulful singing and lyrics. The Journey has found a home in my heart."
     --Laura Banks WEVD-AM New York

Track Listing

  1. I Want To Thank You

  2. Clouds In the Sky

  3. Deeper Waters

  4. Deliver Me 

  5. Guardian Stars 

  6. The Journey 

  7. You Get What You Give 

  8. Love Rained Down on Me 

  9. The Light

  10. Sparrow 

  11. I'll Be Here With You




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