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Earthy and transcendent, sensual and sacred. These are words used to describe Singing Out, the debut album by New York City vocalist Joe Simmons. The album features songs reflecting an inclusive and reconciling spirituality, written by some of today's most progressive and poetic writers of religious music. Many have embraced Joe's positive message of hope and liberation of the spirit through the album, as well as his bilingual music videos seen throughout the United States on the Odyssey Channel and Univisión.

"With Singing Out, I want to build a bridge between people of contemporary sensibilities and those of traditional beliefs and celebrate the God who loves us as we are," says Joe Simmons. Indeed, the depth and sensitivity that he brings to the eleven songs convey this. Selections range from joyful ballads like Tom McCormack's Time and Space to the majestic Quaker hymn How Can I Keep From Singing to Donna Peña's passionate Mano con Mano and Ann Holland's evocative Silent Faithfulness. Producer and music director Laurence Rosania, whose religious music is widely sung throughout the United States, contributes three songs to the album, including In Beauty I Walk, a haunting meditation based on a Navajo prayer. Michael Ward and Tony Kushner's I Waited Patiently provides a stirring and uplifting finale.

Track Listings

  1. Time and Space (Tom McCormack)

  2. Mano con Mano(Donna Peña)

  3. You Are My Rock (Laurence Rosania)

  4. Silent Faithfulness (Anne Holland)

  5. How Can I Keep From Singing
       (Traditional Quaker Hymn)

  6. El Gorrión y la Paloma (Donna Peña)

  7. In Beauty I Walk (Laurence Rosania)

  8. Singing Us Home (Anne Holland)

  9. Heart and Soul (Laurence Rosania)

  10. Everything (Tom McCormack)

  11. I Waited Patiently
       (Michael Ward/Tony Kushner)


"Polished music, profound prayer."
     -- National Catholic Reporter
        Publishing/Credence Communications

"This talented man has one incredible voice—full and powerful yet refined and elegant, passionate and warm. An impressive effort from a true talent."
    -- Heartsong Review

"...inspiring and uplifting with a real message of hope. Simmons sings with an emotional honesty that is rare. I can't wait to hear more from this exciting new artist!"
     -- Spirit 95.5-FM, Forest Lake, MN





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