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Cantor Basics

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Cantor Basics, 2nd Edition

By Jim Hansen, Melanie Coddington and Joe Simmons

Published by OCP Publications
(Soft cover)

Practical suggestions, sound advice and candid observations in an accessible, question-and-answer style.



Reviews of Cantor Basics


[I]nformative and engaging…the text’s conversational style makes for an enjoyable and inspiring read that is accessible to the beginner and useful for those who train cantors as well. Simmons does a particularly fine job of explaining the practice of Lectio Divina and encouraging its place in the spirituality of the cantor. His comments on chant as a metaphor for openness to God are also insightful.


Judith M. Kubicki C.S.S.F.
Worship – November 2004



An excellent book for the new cantor leading Catholic liturgy, with basic questions such as “What are psalm tones? and “How many verses of the psalm should I sing?” A very practical book, useful and highly recommended.


Kathleen Thomerson, FAGO, CHM
The American Organist – November 2004



[H]elpful and practical, especially for those new to the ministry of cantors. Hansen’s answers, as well as those provided by his co-authors, are generally well-informed, and reflect the sort of insight borne of experience. [A] very good primer for those “in the trenches” who need to hear and learn from the voice of experience.


Christian McConnell
Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy
Book Review


Work of the Cantor

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The Work of the Cantor: Proclaimer of the Word, Leader of Prayer

By Joe Simmons

Published by World Library Publications
(Soft cover)

Master cantor teacher Joe Simmons uses the common responsorial psalms of the liturgical year to provide cantors with a variety of skills for their musical leadership. Through prayerful reflection upon and examination of the psalms’ poetry, he brings cantors to a deeper understanding of their role in proclaiming the word, and increases proficiency in leading the assembly in prayer. Generously illustrated with practical and easy-to-follow musical examples, this book will assist music directors in the formation and training of cantors, and is an excellent resource to put in every individual cantor’s hands!


Psalms and Ritual Music

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Psalms and Ritual Music

Music for the Liturgy of the Word

8-CD Set

This set of eight CDs contains recordings of the psalms for Sundays, feasts, and solemnities, as well as common seasonal psalms and psalms for funerals, from Psalms and Ritual Music: Year A, Year B, and Year C. You’ll hear all of the verses for each psalm, played on organ or piano and sung by skilled cantors. Ideal for use by music directors and cantors who want to hear, learn, or teach these psalm settings in preparation for worship. Great for those who learn new music best by listening!




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