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Joe's expertise has already made a big difference. He did a fine job and he was worth the time and money.


Rev. Marty Fisher, Pastor
Corpus Christi Church
Round Lake, New York

Joe was amazing-his approach is fresh and honest. He has a wonderful ability to assimilate into the parish setting, get an accurate feel for how things are done, and offer a unique perspective with very constructive suggestions. He relates well to all ages-my ministry incorporates high school through senior citizens-and they found him to be positive and very effective with his workshop and retreat. In addition to the Cantor Workshop, we offered a retreat for my whole Music Ministry on Friday evening. Individual time was spent with each Cantor and the response has been overwhelming. I see results that I never thought were possible-he is able to tap into their individual resources and bring forth more confidence and more prayerfulness in their music. It was a wonderful experience for my parish to have him cantor at one of our Masses-his voice is wonderful and he brought to the Mass a heightened sacredness. I can't imagine a more effective way to reach a ministry than to have the clinician present just for them. It was a great experience-we're planning a follow-up clinic for next year!


Dolores Mark-Chambers
Music Director
St. Helen Catholic Church
Vero Beach, Florida

Joe, as an outsider and expert, was able to come into our parish and work with cantors, who all belonged to different "choirs" or "groups" within the church, and he helped to alleviate some of the suspicion that often comes with church music ministry. Working with Joe, in our own church environment and with much more individual attention, really helped our cantors to better understand their role as leaders of sung prayer.


Luanne Hetz
Coordinator of Music Ministry
Corpus Christi Church
Round Lake, New York

An excellent teacher and coach, Joe combined interactive lectures on the cantor's role, the psalms and praying the music, with skill building such as voice classes, individual coaching and chant techniques, as well as repertoire, all in a compact weekend schedule. Many participants mentioned they gained a deeper, more spiritual understanding of the role of a cantor. Highlights were the coaching labs, learning and improving chanting skills and working with the psalms: learning about their history, theology and interpretation of the texts.


Mary Ann Fallon
Director Office for Liturgy and Spirituality
Diocese of San Diego
San Diego, California

[Joe] helped many to understand the cantor's "true" role, not just his/her role liturgically, but what his/her role is when active. I like the balanced approach he bring[s] to prayer/performance/preparation, holding cantors to high standards in all areas. [He] makes it very clear that the cantor is expected to be prepared, be of good voice, and be a leader of prayer. [Joe] always offers positive feedback and finds the good in everyone while coaching or going round the circle.


Mike Bedics
Director of Music
Church of St. Peter Celestine
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

I really got a great "recharge" from working with Joe again. It brought back a lot of things that I had forgotten since the Cantor Workshop. I am really going to work hard at being more "pastoral" in my approach to this ministry.


Tom Torebka, Cantor
Corpus Christi Church
Round Lake, New York

[T]hanks for your talents and guidance during our intensive and spirit-filled Cantor Workshop. It didn't take long for the assembly to be "in-tune" to me cantoring the Psalm from the ambo; in fact, they are embracing being led in sung prayer. Many have approached me and remarked that they so enjoy not only hearing, but witnessing and participating with reverence, with our new approach. I have been a Music Leader and Resurrection Choir Director for many, many years and I want to express my gratitude to you from our Cantor Ministry for your dedication, knowledge and spirituality.


Paula Barrett, Cantor
Corpus Christi Church
Round Lake, New York

[The workshop] really brought home what an important ministry we have as cantors! I know I've spent much more time agonizing about the music and not enough time praying and preparing the psalm. It's not like I didn't hear that at "Cantor Express", but this time it really sunk in! I also think it will add a lot to my personal prayer lifewhat a bonus!


Linda Benfatto Weber, Cantor
Corpus Christi Church
Round Lake, New York


…wonderful with ALL kinds of people at ALL levels very commendable!


Theresa McMillan
St. James Basilica
Jamestown, North Dakota

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